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Malacalza enters 1st industrial startup on fusion energy

Partners include Gauss and German billionaire Laukien

28 February, 13:30
(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, FEB 28 - The first industrial startup on fusion energy, the 'clean' nuclear reaction that powers the sun, is taking place. As anticipated by Il Sole 24 Ore today, it is called Gauss Fusion. It aims to build the first fusion power plant by 2045 and has just completed the preliminary financing round for 8 million euros from founding partners. These partners are Germany (Bruker Eas and Ri Research Instruments), France (Alcen), Spain (Idom), and Italy, with the Malacalza family, already in the field of fusion with the Iter international scientific project. The startup's co-founder and chief executive officer is Frank Laukien, billionaire, entrepreneur, and German scientist, number one of the listed (on Nasdaq) Bruker Corporation. (ANSA).

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