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    • 19:33
    • 20 set

    Trieste bronze medal to the Carinthian branch of the ORF

    For the program 'Servus, Srecno, Ciao' on FVG and Slovenia.
    • 12:10
    • 20 set

    Joint exercise between Italian and Slovenian police

    As part of the ATHENA 2 Project
    • 18:24
    • 18 set

    Young musicians from central Europe on a tour across borders

    The Ceman Orchestra to perform in Trieste and Croatia
    • 14:44
    • 11 set

    Forum Karpacz, 'European football is at serious risk'

    Presented the book 'Calcio, politica e potere'
    • 13:43
    • 10 set

    Family killed by Nazis beatified in Catholic first

    They hid Jews despite strict prohibitions
    • 19:25
    • 09 set

    Politicians put spin on story of Poles who saved Jews: experts

    Beatification of a Polish family on Sunday
    • 13:22
    • 09 set

    An exhibition on Boris Pahor at the Narodni dom in Trieste

    It will open on 13/9, displaying his awards and works.
    • 22:30
    • 08 set

    Sailing: Go to Barcolana from Slovenia - I feel Slovenia

    Approach regatta dedicated to Slovenian sailors
    • 19:23
    • 08 set

    FVG workshop to de-stress healthcare workers

    EU project under the HPH network will be presented in Vienna.
    • 14:19
    • 08 set

    Serbia beat Canada to reach Basketball World Cup final

    For the second time
    • 09:27
    • 08 set

    Karpacz Forum, migration beyond the Ukrainian crisis

    Corvino, 'let's not waste Ukrainian best practice'
    • 19:46
    • 07 set

    Pordenonelegge starts in Prague, focusing on economy and freedom

    The 24th Edition of the festival in FVG from September 13 to 17
    • 19:07
    • 01 set

    Belgrade re-enacts the 1939 Grand Prix won by Nuvolari

    Historic vehicles on the original track. Seminar on vintage cars
    • 18:55
    • 31 ago

    Theater creates connections in a festival between FVG, Slovenia

    Epicentric kicks off. FVG vice-governor, 'a catalyst for change'
    • 12:07
    • 29 ago

    Inventors to popularize science at Trieste Maker Faire

    Experiments and workshops are scheduled for Sept. 2 and 3
    • 19:15
    • 26 ago

    Vespas invaded Trieste, and hundreds paraded at a gathering

    They arrived from Italy and abroad at the invitation of the club