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    • 15:27
    • 21 Mar

    Confindustria, we aim to be Serbia's first partner

    Italy is in second place among foreign investors
    • 14:45
    • 21 Mar

    Simest to open its first office abroad in Serbia

    "Demonstration of the attention towards a friendly country"
    • 11:27
    • 21 Mar

    Tajani, presence in the Balkans is an Italian policy choice

    Italys' FM opens Business Forum in Belgrade with President Vucic
    • 21:12
    • 20 Mar

    Italian FM tomorrow at Italian-Serbian business forum

    In Belgrade focus on economic and scientific cooperation
    • 16:53
    • 20 Mar

    Slovenia: on Serbia-Kosovo deal key is implementation

    EU to remind Kurti, Vucic that they are committed to respect it
    • 19:20
    • 19 Mar

    Montenegro: Djukanovic confindent of winning

    We will become part of the family of European states and people
    • 17:03
    • 19 Mar

    Kosovo and Serbia fail to sign agreement after marathon talk

    EU hailed progress toward reaching a long-sought agreement
    • 23:50
    • 18 Mar

    Serbia, Kosovo agree on annex on normalization of relations

    'Agreement reached after 12 hours of negotiations'
    • 14:25
    • 18 Mar

    EU-facilitated talks in Ohrid important: NATO's Stoltenberg

    "This is key for lasting stability"
    • 11:49
    • 18 Mar

    Eyes of EU, Balkans on Ohrid today: Borrell

    Focus on implementation annex
    • 11:01
    • 18 Mar

    Vucic, Kurti to meet in Ohrid for normalisation talks

    On the table the implementation of a 11-point EU plan
    • 18:31
    • 17 Mar

    Kosovo PM, imprudent to rule out the use of force by Serbia

    Kurti to ANSA,failure of negotiations would destabilize the area
    • 14:21
    • 17 Mar

    Serbia: CEB to finance with 200 mb a 'bio-campus'

    State-of-the-art institution for education, science, technology
    • 17:07
    • 16 Mar

    Italy at forefront in support of Balkans in EU: Italian FM

    For the stability of the entire continent
    • 15:13
    • 16 Mar

    Borrell to Serbia-Kosovo leaders, it's time to show courage

    The EU seeks to close a deal in a new round of negotiations
    • 13:57
    • 14 Mar

    Serbia: Economy minister asks for sanctions against Russia

    Position of Belgrade became "unsustainable"