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Plenkovic, the first decade in the EU was great for Croatia

The PM said he is satisfied with the development in all fields

05 July, 00:44
(ANSA) - ZAGREB, 04 LUG - "The first ten years in the European Union for Croatia have been fantastic years, a decade of development in all fields," Croatian Prime Minister, conservative Andrej Plenković, said on the 10th anniversary of Croatia's accession to the EU on July 1, 2013.

Plenković underlined that as of January 1 of this year, Croatia joined the eurozone and the Schengen area. "We could not be in the European core more than we already are." Croatia is now among the fifteen countries in the world that are part of NATO, the EU, Schengen, and the Euro.

"Our consistent pro-European policy and all the reforms we have undertaken in recent years were crucial to these successes, and especially the policy carried out by the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ, conservatives) as the main party in the ruling coalitions," added Plenković, who has led the Zagreb government for seven years.

"We still have a lot to do in several areas, but so do other countries," he said, recalling that in this 10-year term, Croatia has received 25 billion euros from EU funds, which has meant a lot for the country's progress.

Regarding the crises the EU has faced, such as the coronavirus pandemic, Brexit, the migrant crisis, and terrorist attacks, Plenković explained that there should be no illusions and that crises within the EU are a constant presence.

"However, there is the principle of solidarity that holds EU members together, which also helps Croatia, and all other countries in times of crisis and in dealing with external shocks," Plenković added.

Croatia was the last country to join the European Union; along with Slovenia, it is the only country to be part of the EU among the states that emerged from the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia. (ANSA).

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