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    • 13:03
    • 27 set

    Tajani to Rama, we hope to have Albania in EU before 2030

    'Western Balkans a priority of our foreign policy'
    • 15:35
    • 22 set

    Vocational training, the mission of IAL FVG to the Balkans

    In Albania and Montenegro to improve the quality of trainers
    • 16:33
    • 18 set

    Western Balkans region is a priority for Italy: Italian FM

    Meeting on the sidelines of UN General Assembly
    • 15:57
    • 18 set

    Barcolana Sea Summit focuses on protecting the Mediterranean

    From 4 October, dialogue between 40 speakers and decision-makers
    • 17:54
    • 17 set

    Italy to put migration at centre of UN debate - Tajani

    Govt will seek 'shared, effective solutions' says min
    • 17:13
    • 15 set

    Tajani will meet Balkan FM ministers on Monday

    To address the issue of entry into the EU, migrations
    • 14:40
    • 14 set

    Italy committed to 'reverse' Balkan Route: minister

    But "problems cannot be solved alone"
    • 11:46
    • 11 set

    Brdo-Brijuni summit to be held in Skopje

    Enlargement, climate change and brain drain among the topics
    • 17:12
    • 08 set

    Russia aware of plans against pipelines in Black Sea: Lavrov

    'They are trying to blow up Turkish Stream and Blue Stream'
    • 11:41
    • 07 set

    Hard-hitting migrant films tighten Venice race

    Filmmaker wanted to break through Europeans' complacency
    • 21:30
    • 31 ago

    Meloni-Mitsotakis, Mediterranean axis for immigration

    Italian PM in Athens, with Greece pressing for aid in Africa
    • 15:57
    • 31 ago

    If a country is ready to join, so must be the EU: Metsola

    'Painful when a state waits years, and then 1-2 members say no'
    • 15:21
    • 28 ago

    Charles Michel, EU should be ready for new members by 2030

    At address at the Bled Strategic Forum in Slovenia