Milano Beauty Week offers a stroll through beauty

Made-to-measure routines, 'scent of cinema' among highlights

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Not just fashion, not just design - Milan is also the capital of beauty at the moment thanks to the first Milano Beauty Week (MBW). The event, created by Cosmetica Italia in collaboration with Cosmoprof and Esxence and running until Sunday May 8, brings the best the sector has to offer to the Italian city. This, for example, comes in the form of the latest, most advanced beauty research and the 'poetry' of a personalized essence, without forgetting the new watchword - sustainability. The cosmetics-and-beauty sector generates annual revenue of 11.8 billion euros and it is expected to post growth of 2.7% in 2022. "We are proud that we have finally managed to give visibility to our sector, the details of which I don't think are very well known by the consumer," said Cosmetica Italia President Renato Ancorotti. "What we are showing here is the behind-the-scenes of what happens when a cosmetic is produced.

"And cosmetics is one of the jewels in the crown of Made in Italy around the world". The headquarters of the Beauty Village is at Milan's Palazzo Giureconsulti, a short walk from the Duomo. It offers a total experience and has attracted big crowds right from the first moments after opening, pulling in members of the public wanting to discover new products and developments. In total over 100 firms and 100 stores are taking part. Furthermore, the programme also features over 800 events, including scent workshops, presentations and beauty talks, spread all over the city, with a 'White Night' of beauty taking place Friday.

The first trend that grabs the attention is that of new tailor-made beauty products and services. These can range from the analysis of skin and hair by the most sophisticated machinery in order to find the routine best suited to one's needs in the high-tech area, to armocromia analysis, which has become a 'necessity' in order to decide the best colours to choose for make-up and clothes (and, above all, those to avoid). Among the lead players of the first Milano Beauty Week are essences and fragrances, with some surprises, such as the combination with cinema explored by the Accademia del Profumo in the show at Palazzo Giureconsulti.

"It's true that these two worlds may appear distant, but in reality they both have strong evocative power," Accademia del Profumo President Ambra Martone told ANSA. The academy has chosen six iconic works of Italian cinema, going from the first Italian sword-and-sandal epic Cabiria to the spine-tingling horror of Suspiria and the great success of Mediterraneo, and entrusted them to 12 celebrated international 'noses' for them to take inspiration for new creations. This gave life to "Il Profumo del Cinema" (the scent of cinema), a unique, unrepeatable stroll through images and fragrances created by big names such as Daphné Bugey and Antoine Maisondieu for our pride at the Oscars, La Grande Bellezza - The Great Beauty. Then we have Aurélien Guichard with an essence inspired by A Special Day and Veronique Nyberg's creation for Cabiria But beauty also means solidarity and one of the most popular features of Milano Beauty Week is the Boutique space presented by Cosmoprof, where it is possible to stock up on new products and at the same time help fund the activities of La Forza e Il Sorriso, a non-profit association set up by Italy's cosmetics businesses to support women fighting cancer.

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