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  4. ANSA and Cuba's Prensa Latina sign cooperation agreement

ANSA and Cuba's Prensa Latina sign cooperation agreement

Deal inked in presence of Italian and Cuban ambassadors

(ANSA) - ROME, MAY 30 - ANSA and Prensa Latina today signed an important cooperation agreement in the presence, via video link, of Italian Ambassador to Havana Roberto Vellano and Cuban Ambassador to Italy Mirta Granda Averhoff.
    The partnership envisages the exchange of content to be used on the agencies' respective news platforms.
    As a result, the two agencies' international news coverage is being enriched for subscribers: the agreement features the possibility for the partners to utilize each others news services for editorial use and to develop joint commercial offers to support the communication of institutions and companies in the two countries.
    "This agreement consolidates the important collaboration between two important news agencies in Cuba and Italy, like ANSA and Prensa Latina," said Ambassador Roberto Vellano.
    "The main aim is to strengthen the flow of news about what is happening in our respective countries and, in general, to improve our knowledge of each other.
    "Fortunately, this knowledge is based on the very solid affection, respect and consideration that characterizes the relations between Italy and Cuba.
    "Relations that cover a very broad ranger of activities, from political dialogue to culture, development cooperation programmes and trade relations.
    "Improving the news flow also means having access to a multitude of voices and giving the public, from readers to the journalists who use the agencies as primary sources, the instruments for more aware, plural and balanced analysis and debate, where all points of view are welcome.
    "So I am happy to welcome this agreement and I guarantee that our embassy in Havana will provide all the cooperation and support necessary".
    Cuban Ambassador to Italy Mirta Granda Averhoff commented: "We Cubans feel very proud of our achievements, precisely because every result entails great sacrifice.
    "That is why today is a day of joy and emotion for my country, with the signing of this agreement with the top Italian new agency, which has become one of the most important at the global level.
    "Cuba is committed to the truth and reliable access to news for the comprehension of the political, social and economic phenomena that surround us.
    "I have no doubt that both agencies, which are reference points for their respective regional panoramas, will be strengthened by this agreement and will contribute to perfecting the profession to the benefit of subscribers who expect reliable news.
    "This is another step forward for Cuba and Italy in the reinforcement of their bilateral relations".
    Prensa Latina President Luis Enrique Gonzales Acosta said that the signing of the deal today will make it possible to "maintain a closer relationship between the two agencies on the basis of this new agreement, explore new areas of exchange, such as photographic and audio-video services, and resume the ties that Prensa Latina and ANSA had a long time ago".
    ANSA Chief Executive Stefano De Alessandri expressed satisfaction at the new partnership.
    "This agreement with Prensa Latina restarts an important past collaboration and is another step for ANSA in the network of international cooperation in a region of strategic importance," he said.
    "At the same time, in addition to guaranteeing the reciprocal provision of quality-certified news between Cuba and Italy, it will also contribute to deepening the two countries' reciprocal knowledge". (ANSA).


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