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Not a cowboy film with goodies and baddies tells Jesuits

World war not Russia-Ukraine war says pope

Pope Francis said on his recent trip to Kazakhstan that it was a mistake to call the conflict in Ukraine the Russia-Ukraine was since it was actually a world war, the Vatican said Wednesday.

Cardinal described 'terrible things' on his return say Francis

Pope prays for cruelly abused Ukraine people

Pope Francis on Wednesday prayed for the "cruelly" abused Ukrainian people. Speaking at the end of his weekly general audience, Francis directed a "thought for martyred Ukraine which is suffering so much, that poor people so cruelly tried".

For forum on East and West for Human Coexistence

Pope to visit Bahrein Nov 3-6

Pope Francis will visit Bahrein on November 3-6, the Vatican said Wednesday. Francis "will visit the cities of Manama and Awali on the occasion of the Bahrain Forum for Dialogue: East and West for Human Coexistence", said Vatican spokesman Matteo Bruni.

Putin says will not 'bluff' on using all means amid reversals

Madness to think of using nukes says Pope

It is madness to think of using nuclear weapons, Pope Francis told his weekly general audience in the Vatican on Wednesday after Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would not bluff on using all means in Ukraine amid recent reversals.

Francis has audience with Confindustria assembly participants

Excessive salary disparity makes society sick - pope

Pope Francis said Monday that excessive income inequality created problems at the core of society in an audience with entrepreneurs taking part in the assembly of Italian industrial association Confindustria.

'I do not forget martyred Ukraine,' Francis said

We are in midst of world war, let's stop, says pope

Pope Francis prayed for Ukraine during his weekly general audience on Wednesday and made a fresh appeal for peace. "I do not forget martyred Ukraine," the Pope said. "Today we are experiencing a world war, let us please stop".

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