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Ukraine: Gravina, Russian exodus from the West

Contemporary history researcher, 'a picture of the End'

07 settembre, 19:16

(ANSA) - KARPACZ, 07 SET - "Russia's war on Ukraine enshrines Russian exodus from the West. This fulfilment covers all aspects of the future Russia: from the international, to the social, economical and individual field". The researcher at Sapienza University of Rome and Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, Renata Gravina, said it during the panel debate 'Russia vs the Rest of the World - the Future in the International Arena and the Internal Socio-Economic Situation'.
    "As for the Russian role in the International Order - she added - Aleksandr Dugin's neo-Eurasian line symbolises Russian as a player. Although the scenario of war and international relations is constantly changing, the most relevant aspect of the Russian attitude appears to be the Russian going to Asia, clearely defined also through the BRICS plus new format. The exaltation of Russia as a state with a special destiny the so (Osobyi put') has plagued Russia since the time of Peter the Great. But the war accomplishes a kind of abandonment of the West and photographs the end of the relationship with Europe".
    "This attitude - she underlined - is of course not representative of all Russians, many of whom continue to feel European. However, the strong diaspora and the attitude of resignation ( the so called nichevism) on the part of Russian society show a picture that seems unlikely to change in the coming years". (ANSA).

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