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Republika Srpska's PM, for Kosovo, dialogue is essential

Prime Minister Viskovic is on a visit to the FVG region.

30 May, 10:33
(ANSA) - UDINE, 30 MAG - "Every misunderstanding should be solved with dialogue, and therefore also the problem of Kosovo.

One side or the other cannot decide; both should sit at a table to find shared agreements." Prime Minister of the Republika Srpska of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Radovan Viskovic, said today, speaking to reporters in Udine, where the delegation including Minister of Industry and Entrepreneurship, Vojin Mitrovic, is paying a visit "to strengthen our already important relations with this territory." Regarding the political situation in the Balkans and Kosovo, Viskovic emphasized that "any conflict should be avoided and security for us, as for other countries in the Balkan area, is essential." The visit, which included several institutional meetings, including one in Trieste with FVG President Massimiliano Fedriga and in Udine at the Pordenone-Udine Chamber of Commerce with FVG Regional Councillor for Productive Activities Sergio Emidio Bini, as well as several meetings with entrepreneurs and potential investors, was organized by Luigino Pozzo, president of PMP Industries. This Friuli-based company has operated in the republic for over 20 years. "Our land is safe for investment," the prime minister later underlined, "we offer companies that want to set up optimal conditions here because of the low energy cost and equally favorable tax rates.

The prime minister also touched on the issue of the Balkan migrant route, saying that "from 2020 to today, it does not pass through our country; we do not have this problem." During its visit to Friuli Venezia Giulia, the delegation from Republika Srpska led by Prime Minister Radovan Viskovic reiterated his intention, shared by Regional President Fedriga, to "renew and revive the already existing agreement between the Region and the Republic." "An agreement favored," the prime minister said, "both by reasons of affinity in terms of population and territory size and proximity since the distance between Trieste and Banja Luka is only 400 kilometers. Furthermore, the prime minister in Udine recalled that "there are already more than 15 Italian companies that already invest here, and many others could be interested in reshoring operations from Asia, to get closer and bring their production back to Europe." Among the topics touched upon during the visit - which will also continue in Middle Friuli, with meetings with mayors of municipalities in that area - is also that of the Open Balkan area, i.e., the free trade area being discussed in the Balkan region.

"We gladly accepted the proposal made by Serbia, Albania, and Macedonia," Viskovic commented, "but since our Federation is composed of two different entities, it takes some more time, but we are discussing the conditions for joining. Of course," he underlined, "we always very much welcome any initiative aimed at facilitating the movement of goods and people, and thus boosting the economy of the whole area." (ANSA).

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