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Barcolana Sea Summit focuses on protecting the Mediterranean

From 4 October, dialogue between 40 speakers and decision-makers

18 September, 15:57

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 18 SET - The present and future of the Mediterranean Sea as it grapples with climate change: the third edition of the Barcolana Sea Summit focuses on this theme, reflecting on how to support the Mediterranean so that it can transform itself from a high-risk climate zone into a resilient one. The event, presented today and scheduled to take place at the Trieste convention center Oct. 4-6, has received the patronage of the Prime Minister's Office.
    More than forty speakers are expected to dialogue with local decision-makers. Among the debate topics is the need for transnational agreements and actions, such as the Mediterranean bioregion, the commitment to creating a new generation of specialists and technicians capable of governing industrial and economic processes, putting the environment first, territory control, and the new frontiers of technology.
    "To save the Mediterranean Sea," says Barcola and Grignano Sailing Society President Mitja Gialuz, "we need courageous international policy choices, scientific progress and new technologies, civil society awareness, and the creation of a new ruling class prepared to devise, manage and deal with change." Managing the Mediterranean as a bioregion will be the topic of the keynote speech by the guest of honor, Jeremy Rifkin, chairman of Tir Consulting Group Llc and the Foundation on Economic Trends in Washington, one of the most influential economic and social theorists.
    The Central European Initiative, on the other hand, will organize a panel of discussion on protecting the Adriatic Sea.
    "The collaboration with Barcolana," underlines Roberto Antonione, CEI secretary general, "has made it possible to discuss with a wide international audience the importance of safeguarding the Mediterranean and, within this, the Adriatic Sea. It is important to continue the dialogue and build operational procedures for joint intervention among the Mediterranean countries." (ANSA).

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