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Greece, polls open to elect new government

Polls, 35-38% to Nea Dimokratia, 5-7 point gap on Syriza

21 May, 09:53
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 21 MAG - Polls open in Greece for general elections.

Nearly ten million citizens are called to the polls to choose a new government.

The latest polls put outgoing premier Kyriakos Mitsotakis, head of the conservative Nea Dimokratia party, in the lead with a vote share of around 35-38 percent and a 5-7 point gap over main rival Syriza.

But there is cautious optimism within the ranks of Greece's main left-wing party: 438,000 young people aged 17-21 are being called to vote, and overall the percentage of undecided voters is around 10 percent. This is a pool from which opposition leader Alexis Tsipras hopes to draw to catch up with his rival and thus try to form a progressive coalition government with the other parties, including the socialist Pasok party, the country's third-largest political force, which is projected to get 10 percent of the vote. (ANSA).

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