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Matvejevic's 'Mediterranean Breviary' revived online

With Nacci thanks to Trieste Port-Pnlegge's I'll bring you book

11 January, 13:57
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 11 GEN - "The Mediterranean is not just geography," "Atlantic and Pacific are the seas of distances, the Mediterranean is the sea of proximity; the Adriatic the sea of intimacy." These are passages read by writer and "wayfarer" Luigi Nacci, from 'Mediterranean Breviary,' by the great writer and intellectual Predrag Matvejevic, the protagonist of today's stage of 'I'll bring you a book,' a video project of the Eastern Adriatic Sea Port System Authority in collaboration with Fondazione Pordenonelegge. The initiative is designed to allow people to appreciate even virtually some of the most beautiful pages dedicated to the sea, with images shot in the port of Trieste.

"Mediterraneanity is not inherited but achieved, it is a decision not an advantage," read Nacci, explaining in the few-minute video that "Breviary"-by the writer from Mostar then wandering in Europe when "the Taliban" sparked the war in the Balkans-is "a book that speaks profoundly about Europe, especially about what unites us. It is a huge, endless catalog." A book that spreads, like Matvejevic's own life, a "Mediterranean humanism." The Nacci-Matvejevic video was broadcast on the social and YouTube channels of the Port of Trieste and pordenonelegge. The set was the backport and industrial hub of the Julian port of call, between the Bagnoli della Rosandra area and the navigable channel. The video, together with the one that preceded it by journalist Cristina Battocletti (who read Pier Antonio Quarantotti Gambini) will enrich a sort of "digital library" dedicated to the literature of the sea, which already counts on video stories by Pino Roveredo, Federica Manzon, Veit Heinichen, Paolo Rumiz, Pietro Spirito and Mary B. Tolusso. (ANSA).

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