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Prezioso, 'Eu universities more competitive with blockchain'

Dean of Academic Affairs at Unicollege at 32nd Economic Forum

08 September, 09:33

(ANSA) - KARPACZ, 08 SET - "We need to review and reinforce the Process of Bologna to guarantee more intellectual and academic mobility to our talents.Within Europe first where the transfer processes are long, complex, and far from being simple; then, to attract more intellectual and economic talents, we need to pursue further foreign and global policies of intelligibility as well. In this regard, we shall maybe integrate the blockchain, which would facilitate the authentication of international degrees at any time and to everyone." This is what Giosuè Prezioso stated; he is Dean of Academic Affairs at Unicollege and speaker at the panel titled: 'The Role of Cultural Institutions in the World of Education, Tourism, and Politics,' held within the 32nd Economic Forum in Karpacz, Poland.
    Prezioso underlines that "Italy holds an unsatisfying 10th position (worldwide) in terms of international student attractiveness rate." "This is also due," he continues, "to the slow paper-based bureaucracy that led to the boom of distance learning universities that indeed grew by +410,9% - while traditional universities only by an alarming +0,1%." "Although it is a resource," he concludes "this modality weakens traditional physical universities and, along with them, the geopolitics and identity they represent on both a local and global level." This tension between public and private, physical and digital came across as a sensitive topic at the panel. Indeed, as stated by Ukranian Cultural Fund representative Vladyslav Berkovskyi, culture is often the first to suffer from financial shortage and re-distribution. "Despite being central," he explained, "as soon as the war broke out culture was the first to suffer [in our country]." (ANSA).

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