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Maneskin set Trieste on fire, 25,000 at Rocco Stadium

Many songs were played by the band, including worldwide hits

18 July, 12:51

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 18 LUG - "When we started, we dreamed of playing in stadiums, and we got there. This is our first stadium, and we must thank you who came here to share what will remain a memorable and special moment for us." This is how Damiano of Maneskin greeted the 25,000 fans who came to Trieste for their concert, the first one of the band's summer tour.
    Maneskin will perform in Rome on July 20 and 21 and Milan on July 24 and 25.
    With two hours of fast-paced rock, they inflamed the audience arriving at Trieste's Nereo Rocco stadium from Europe and overseas.
    Many fans came from Slovenia and Croatia - about 7,000 tickets were sold in the two countries out of the 12,000 sold abroad - but also from Austria, Bosnia, and many cities in Italy. Some fans came from the United States, Holland, and South Africa.
    Despite the heat, the audience included young people, families with children, rock music fans of all ages, and the mayor of Trieste, Roberto Dipiazza. From the first beginning of 'Don't wanna sleep,' the song that opened the show, the enthusiasm of the stadium constantly accompanied and supported the band.
    For more than two hours, Maneskin ran and danced. Victoria and Thomas jumped several times into the crowd, performing some solos that set the stadium on fire.
    Maneskin seduced the Trieste stadium with plenty of hits, starting with 'Zitti e buoni,' which launched them, and "Beggin'," a cover of Frankie Valli and the four seasons song, made them conquer America. "This song is to silence all those who say we do covers," Damiano shouted from the stage.
    Then, halfway through the concert, the lights illuminated the band, which jumped into the crowd. Damiano performed an acoustic version of 'Torna a casa' and 'Twenty Years,' accompanied by thousands of cell phones that lit up the Trieste night. "We have always dreamed," he said, "to come and play among you. Until now, we had never been allowed to do that, but now that dream has come true." A "Grand finale" followed, with a high-speed version of 'Mamma Mia,' which had the whole stadium jumping and dancing, with the ballad 'The Loneliest' and the hit 'I wanna be your Slave.' (ANSA).

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