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Moldova denies 'direct threat' to Transnistria from Ukraine

Response to Russian accusations

24 February, 15:09
(ANSA-AFP) - CHISINAU, FEB 24 - Moldova's ministry of defence on Friday denied that any "direct threat" by Ukraine to its pro-Russian separatist region exists, in an apparent response to Russian accusations that Kyiv was planning to "invade" Transnistria. Moscow-backed Transnistria is a narrow region bordering Ukraine, which after a war separated from Moldova in 1992. Russian soldiers have been deployed there since. "The Ministry of Defence monitors all events, actions and changes taking place in the region and on the territory controlled by Tiraspol" authorities, it said in a statement. "We affirm that there is currently no direct threat to the military security" of Transnistria, it added. "The false information distributed is intended to create panic and confusion among people on both sides of the Dniester River." (ANSA-AFP).

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