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Germany bans 'cult-like, racist' far-right group

Anti-Semitic association sought to indoctrinate children

27 September, 10:49

(ANSA-AFP) - BERLIN, SEP 27 - German investigators carried out raids across the country on Wednesday as Berlin banned a far-right group it described as a "cult-like, deeply racist and anti-Semitic association" that sought to indoctrinate children with Nazi ideology. Police stormed 26 apartments belonging to 39 members of the Artgemeinschaft network in 12 states including Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and Brandenburg. The association counts about 150 members and has links to several far-right groups, said the interior ministry. It uses the cover of a "pseudo-religious Germanic belief in God to spread their worldview which violates human dignity," said the ministry.
    Using Nazi-era literature, the association sought to convert the young to adopt its race theories. It also ran an online bookstore that sought to radicalise and attract non-members.

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