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Scholz warns against far-right 'demolition squad'

Nationalist policies would destroy the country's prosperity

06 September, 13:50

(ANSA-AFP) - BERLIN, SEP 6 - Chancellor Olaf Scholz on Wednesday blasted the far-right AfD as a "demolition squad" for Germany, warning that the nationalist policies it champions would destroy the country's prosperity. Scholz's sharp words against the Alternative for Germany party came as the far-right group is enjoying a rise in popularity, with latest opinion surveys putting it at 22 percent, above the chancellor's centre-left SPD at 16 percent. "Most citizens know that the self-called 'Alternative' is in reality a demolition commando -- a demolition squad for our country," Scholz told parliament at the start of budget debate week. He cautioned against the AfD's call for a return to nationalism. "Our prosperity is most tightly linked with the European Union," said Scholz.

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