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Exodus on AA network begins, 2m holiday-makers expected

Four 'black dot' Saturdays in a row, traffic has increased

28 July, 16:50

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 28 LUG - The summer exodus on Autostrade Alto Adriatico's network is underway. According to data released today by the concessionaire, more than two million tourists are expected over the weekends and more than two hundred people will be busy managing weekend traffic. There will be four black dot days and ten red dot days.
    The A4 Trieste-Venice route thus confirms its vocation as a tourism highway, which is also underlined by the number of vehicles passing through the entire network under the concessionaire's jurisdiction, which is up 5.54% in this first part of the season (June 10-July 23), compared to the same period last year: According to Autostrade Alto Adriatico engineers, the four black dot days, with critical traffic, will be Saturday, July 29, and Saturday, August 5, 19, and 26. Red dot days will be July 30; Aug. 3, 4, 6, 11, 12, 18, 20, 27; and Sept. 1. A single black dot day is equivalent for Autostrade Alto Adriatico to employing about 200 people.
    A series of protocols are in place on the network to deal with any problems in case of traffic jams or accidents, especially in sections affected by the construction of the third lane and those near construction sites. In particular, one of the protocols provides for bypassing the A27 (Venice-Belluno) and the A28 (Conegliano-Portogruaro) with a return to the A4 at Portogruaro. Another involves using the A34 Villesse-Gorizia in case of traffic jams at the Trieste-Lisert barrier to reach Slovenia and Croatian seaside resorts.
    Any criticality - the concessionaire informs - is managed by the Radio Information Center.
    As for traffic, the overall number has been growing since the beginning of the year: up 6.31% compared to the same period in 2022.
    Significantly light vehicles are increasing (up 8.60%), whereas heavy vehicle flow is up 1.01%. With more than 27 million vehicles passing through the entire dealership network, there were 73 accidents with injuries (17 accidents less than last year) and three fatalities (6 less than the same period in 2022). The accident rate also declined from 22.3 accidents per 100 million vehicle-km recorded in 2022 to 22 recorded in the current year. (ANSA).

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