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Over 5,000 migrants smuggled from Cuba via Serbia into EU

Police authorities dismantle criminal network

24 July, 19:10

(ANSA) - BELGRADE, JUL 24 - Europol said today that law enforcement from Germany, North Macedonia, Spain, Greece, and Serbia disrupted an intercontinental criminal network smuggling migrants from Cuba to the European Union. The investigation, which was co-ordinated by Europol and Interpol, resulted in the arrest of 62 people, 25 of whom were Cuban citizens. Members of the migrant smuggling network advertised their illegal services to vulnerable Cuban clients via a well-known messaging app. They would organise the trip, transfers, and provide false documentation for a fee of around EUR 9,000. The criminals flew people from Cuba to Serbia, taking advantage of the country's lack of visa requirements at the time. Migrants were then smuggled to Greece, where they flew to Spain. It is believed that the criminal network successfully smuggled around 5,000 Cuban nationals into the EU, making a profit of approximately EUR 45 million. (ANSA).

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