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The only path is the United States of EU: Italian MP

Scholz's words on EU reforms are milestones: Rojc

09 May, 15:35
(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 09 MAG - "Let us preserve and strengthen this community born on values of peace, solidarity, democracy, and rights, established on the ashes of the war unleashed by Nazi-fascism and to contain Soviet totalitarianism. The only right path we have to take is the United States of Europe, without yielding neither to the internal disintegrating drives of new nationalisms nor the influence of expanding powers." PD group leader in the Senate's European Policy Committee Tatjana Rojc said on Europe Day on May 9.

According to Rojc, "Scholz's words on enlargement to the Balkans and other key issues such as overcoming unanimity in foreign and fiscal policy decisions are milestones." "We have experienced the importance of being united," the senator pointed out, "during the Covid crisis and as for the NRP resources. The same approach should also be held on migration flows, combining humanity and Euro-Mediterranean strategy." (ANSA).

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