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Expo Dubai: Orchestra Popolare brings message of peace

Concert will combine Lazio folksongs, Arab musical tradition

Redazione ANSA ROME

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 11 - The Orchestra Popolare Italiana is bringing a message of peace to Expo Dubai 2020 on Monday, saying that music can and must be an instrument to create moments of peace and communion via the meeting of various different cultures.
    The orchestra will stage a concert Tuesday evening where traditional somngs and instruments of folk music in Lazio will mesh with the Emirates musical tradition.
    "We are here as guests of the Lazio Region and the theme that we are bringing is Lazio and Rome, as a place of meeting and an opportunity for a series of values that start with the great power of music as a sign of peace and communion,", orchestra director Ambrogio Sparagna told ANSA.
    "It's no accident that in tonight's concert we have decided to invite local musicians with whom we will play part of the concert.
    "They will obviously play instruments of the Arab tradition, in particular the qanun, a sort of harpsichord, as well as percussion instruments and a lute.
    "They are the essential instruments of the great Arab tradution". (ANSA).


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