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'Silent Disc' event a hit again at Bay of Silence

Thousands of young people sway to sounds on iconic beach

(ANSA) - ROME, AUG 8 - Italy's 'Silent Disc' event was a hit again at Sestri Levante near Genoa at the weekend as 5,000 people leased earphones to listen to five DJs at the famed Bay of Silence, which inaugurated the happening several years ago.
    Some 60 police units plus 60 security guards and eight life guards were in service all night.
    After the event on Friday night, some 50 beach cleaners and workplace sanitizers went into action to clean up the debris.
    Thousands of young people danced to the DJs' sounds on the iconic beauty spot's famous beach.
    Silent Disc is organized by the Mojotic association and by Mediaterraneo Servizi, a municipal company. (ANSA).


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