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Sailing: Go to Barcolana from Slovenia - I feel Slovenia

Approach regatta dedicated to Slovenian sailors

08 September, 22:30

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 08 SET - Back for the eighth time is the "Go To Barcolana from Slovenia - I Feel Slovenia," the approach regatta to Barcolana dedicated to Slovenian sailors organized by the Società Velica di Barcola e Grignano in cooperation with the Club Nautico Triestino Sirena - Tržaški Pomorski Klub Sirena, Slovenian Sailing Federation - Slovenska Jadralna Zveza, the Confederation of Slovenian Sports Clubs in Italy - ZSŠDI.
    Departure is scheduled for Saturday, October 7 (h.11) from Izola (Slovenia), with arrival in the afternoon in front of Piazza Unità d'Italia followed by the traditional festive award ceremony. Also on the water this year will be the international L30 which in the days before the Barcolana will be engaged in the world championship in Isola. "Slovenia has always played a central role in Barcolana," said SVBG President Mitja Gialuz, "not only because of the sporting feats of the many helmsmen and skippers, but above all because of the passionate participation of the many sailors and amateurs who come to Trieste every year to become part of the 'one big crew that is Barcolana, united by the love for our sport and the desire to share it. The Go To Barcolana from Slovenia inspired a second approach regatta from Ravenna to Trieste and strengthened the friendship with the Slovenian nautical world. "The Go to Barcolana From Slovenia is a cross-border sailing event that unites two countries in one Gulf," comments TPK Sirena President Igor Filipčič, "It is a regatta open to all, which we are proud to repeat. Registration will open on September 13 on the event website.Registration for Barcolana55 presented by Generali, on the other hand, is open on the Barcolana website until October 7. (ANSA).

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