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'No signs of terrorist threats in Italy': Italy's FM

'But we need to monitor borders and radicalizations': Tajani

14 November, 15:57

(ANSA) - ROME, NOV 14 - There are no signs of terrorist threats on Italian territory. Still, it is advisable to watch the borders and monitor possible internal risks, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani said on the sidelines of the 'Italy-U.S.: International Cooperation on Emerging Biotechnology and Life Sciences' conference at the Farnesina in Rome.
    "We have no signs of possible terrorist attacks in Italy," Tajani said, "but obviously, the Interior Ministry has raised the level of security regarding all the meeting places of the Jewish community in our country, and we have suspended Schengen at the eastern border to carry out more controls on the Balkan route." The minister underlined that Kosovo accounts for the most significant number of foreign fighters who enlisted for the Islamic State. "We have no concrete dangers reported," Tajani reiterated, "but we must always be careful because there are also terrorists who are self-radicalized, for example, in prisons. But law enforcement agencies are working to monitor and prevent." (ANSA).

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