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Lithuania, 'Progozhin's death does not change the situation'

Nauseda in Kiev: "We need to focus on security."

24 August, 18:36

(ANSA) - VILNIUS, 24 AGO - "The death of Prigozhin, if indeed confirmed, does not change the situation much. What happened shows that the regime is entering a new phase, but it certainly does not improve our security," said the president of Lithuania, Gitanas Nauseda, speaking in Kiev today.
    "Our task," he continued, "is to protect the security of our borders, showing readiness and coordination with our allies." Emphasizing the same concepts, Latvian Ambassador to Kiev, Ilgvars Klava, said that "the main task we all need to focus on is Ukraine's victory and the end of the conflict." Prigozhin's death may have "a strong psychological impact," the ambassador said, "but it does not change the game at all." (ANSA).

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