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Karpacz Forum, migration beyond the Ukrainian crisis

Corvino, 'let's not waste Ukrainian best practice'

08 September, 09:27

(ANSA) - KARPACZ, 08 SET - "Creating a welcoming system like the one activated for Ukrainians could create a positive environment for the integration and enhancement of individuals.
    This best practice should not be wasted: this will be possible if supported by a civil society free from fear and with a far-sighted political will." Summing up the debate on 'In Search of a New Home - Migration in Today's Europe' is University of Perugia sociologist Isabella Corvino, who moderated a panel attended by several academics from Spain, Latvia and Lithuania, and specialists from Italy and Germany.
    "In the past year, media and political attention was focused on the Ukrainian invasion," she recalled, "overshadowing many issues that remain usoluted, however. The Ukrainian refugees have generally been well received, and the momentum of solidarity in support of this community has been remarkable, we might even say unprecedented. The particular composition of this flow that is feminine for almost 90 percent of the balance and the cultural proximity have allowed the multiplication of initiatives for widespread hospitality, which is not the case for flows from other areas." Usually talking about migrants provokes immediate tension in receiving countries: security, emergency, defense, panic are the power words in migration storytelling. "At best - Corvino stressed - we hear about policies to attract skilled migrants, human resources as necessary as any mechanical tool to run the economic machine. Some countries would prefer not to receive economic or 'irregular' migrants, hiding behind these categories a low capacity for valorizing subjects due in part to identity fears". (ANSA).

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