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Italian MP, democracy cannot be exported like a McDonald's

Europe must change by unifying the West with the East: Tremonti

13 October, 18:03

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 13 OTT - "Democracy is not a McDonald's that you export, just like it happened in the Arab world.
    Democracy comes from below, and this is the lesson that comes to us from the Atlantic Charter". The president of the Foreign Commission in the Chamber of Deputies, Giulio Tremonti, said on the sidelines of the Conference of the presidents of the Foreign Commissions and the parliamentary delegates of the CEI member countries today in Trieste, referring to the international situation.
    "We live in a time in which Europe - he explained - must change, and in my opinion, it must do so by uniting the West with the East. The West is the great democracy developed in Brussels by the Courts of Justice; the East is the traditions.
    We need to combine refined democracy with traditions. As Churchill said, traditions count precisely in moments of danger.
    This is a time of danger. Some time ago in Europe, they used to say 'we are in a circle of friends', today 'we are in a circle of fire'".
    According to Tremonti, Europe "should change without enlargement, but above all, it must change with enlargement. The hardware must change, which is the constitutional architecture, and the software must change. What we have that is perfect, democratic, but also our traditions." (ANSA).

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