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CEI, let's strengthen organizations that enhance diplomacy

'Trieste claims a leading role.': Antonione

13 October, 18:51

(ANSA) - TRIESTE, 13 OTT - "Everything dramatic happening around us does nothing but increase our responsibility to create or strengthen organizations capable of developing diplomatic relations." The general secretary of the CEI, Roberto Antonione, said on the sidelines of the Conference of the presidents of the foreign commissions and the parliamentary delegates of the CEI member countries today in Trieste.
    "Disputes between countries must find their resolution through the diplomatic path - he added - war is never a solution, and the diplomatic path involves constant, daily, not occasional work. Regional organizations like the one I have the honor of chairing have precisely this task: working daily with all member states. Today, there are 16 of us to build the conditions so that any possible dispute can find its resolution in dialogue and diplomacy. Today's meeting aims to mark the step on what could be a new model that is even more efficient and more capable of responding to the needs that, unfortunately, daily vicissitudes confront us with". In these circumstances, he underlined, "We have always considered Trieste the bridge city, the point of reference for an area. Today, Trieste claims a leading role. It is a city that faces prospects of extraordinary potential growth in the political sphere, not only economic." (ANSA).

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