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If a country is ready to join, so must be the EU: Metsola

'Painful when a state waits years, and then 1-2 members say no'

31 August, 15:57

(ANSA) - BRUSSELS, AUG 31 - "The Parliament has been very clear. We must be ready if a country (candidate, ed.) is ready.
    The most painful thing is when countries have been waiting for 12-13 years, just like it was with the accession to Schengen of Romania, and Bulgaria, and then two or maybe three countries say no. Let's talk about how we will be ready." European parliament president Roberta Metsola said, talking about the enlargement dossier to a group of European reporters, including ANSA.
    "What is good for the 27' countries will be impossible for the 32 or the 33, or the 35, if we want to go further. This is not only in terms of budget but also from a political and structural point of view," Metsola underlined. "I give just one example - she added - Moldova; if they were ready by 2030, so to speak, would we be able to say 'we are not?' That's the question I think we wanted to ask the Parliament. Let's talk about how we should proceed," still pointed out the president of the European Parliament. (ANSA).

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